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Membership Questions mySAQA Info

How do I renew my SAQA membership?

What is mySAQA and how do I get there?

I forgot my password - can you help?

What are Regions and Reps?

How do I apply to become a Juried Artist Member?

I'm a Juried Artist Member. How do I update my gallery images?

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General Questions News and Events

Where I can find more information about News and Events?

How do I spread the word about an event or call for entry?

How should I prepare my digital images for SAQA Publications?

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exhibition Questions View SAQA Calls for Entry

What are SAQA's exhibition guidelines?

What is SAQA's definition of an art quilt?

Who can enter SAQA exhibitions?

Where can I find help with filling out my entry?

Are 3D works allowed for exhibitions?

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