List of Frequently Asked Questions 

Membership Questions

How do I renew my SAQA membership?

1. Login to
2. Select View/Renew Memberships under Account Options.
3. Click on the link to Renew Now and proceed with the transaction. If your membership is expired, this link might display as Join Now.

You can also watch this quick video for more details. Alternatively, you can use our online payment form to process your renewal.

I forgot my member log-in for mySAQA.  Can you send it to me?

For login assistance, click here to receive an email with further instructions. You will need to know the email associated with your SAQA account. If you require additional assistance, email


What is my membership renewal date?

This information, along with other details about your account, is available through the mySAQA membership portal. After logging in, select View/Renew Membership from the list of available options. Here you will see a history of your memberships as well as a link to renew your membership.


I've just joined SAQA!  Now what happens?

Welcome! You should have already received an email with details on how to access mySAQA (where you can manage your online account) as well as links to important parts of our website. If you did not join online, you will receive this email when your application is processed.

A packet containing more information, and the latest Journal issue, will be mailed to your postal address. It will include details about your region, including contact information for your regional reps. A rep will also be contacting you via email to welcome you to the local meetings, shows and activities.

If you haven't yet, we encourage you to our New Member Welcome page for an overview of all the resources now available to you as a SAQA member.  


What is mySAQA and how do I access it?

mySAQA is an online portal that provides access to various membership functions as well exclusive members-only content. For more information, review the mySAQA help page

You access mySAQA from the website when you click on various links or you can login directly here.

Do I get a membership card?

A membership card is part of the welcome packet.  Members may print out a new card when they renew, if they need one (local fabric stores may accept it for guild discounts), as we don't automatically send them out.  The card is also available as a PDF here .



What are regions, and second regions?

Since we are a large international organization, we have divided our membership into geographical regions. See the list of regional representatives and their regions. When you join, you will be asked to select a region. You will then receive regular emails about the events occuring in this region, including local meetings, exhibitions and other opportunities. 

You may also optionally select a second region - this will allow you receive information about this region as well. This is a benefit for members who live near the boundary of a region, or travel regularly between two regions. 


I am changing my email and/or mailing address.  Can you update my record for me?

We prefer that you do this yourself, by logging in to your mySAQA account, where you may update any of your contact information.  It is important to keep your email address current, because so much information is sent via email.

For mailing address changes, you can also complete a Change of Address form included with your mailed SAQA Journal. 

If you are a member of the SAQA Yahoo discussion list, you will have to go to Yahoo to change your email there.  It is not part of the SAQA website or membership database.


How do I join the Yahoo Discussion group?

This group is only for SAQA members, and is private to the outside world. You can join by requesting membership at: You will also need to have a Yahoo membership. Once you've clicked on this link and logged in, you will see instructions for joining our group.  Please include your full name with your request, so we can verify that you are a member.


How do I apply to become a Juried Artist Member?

See Juried Artist Member Overview for more information. The acceptance committee meets every other month to evaluate applications. Members must have their digitial portfolio approved before paying for this level of membership.


I'm a Juried Artist Member. How do I update my gallery images?

For more information on updating your JAM profile, click here. If you have any questions, email


I updated my Juried Artist images but don't see them in my slideshow?

Juried Artist images will not display in slideshows until approved (SAQA website staff receive an email any time an image is added). You will only be contacted if there is a problem with your image. Otherwise, your new images will appear once approved, which can take a day or two.


How do I get listed in the Art Services Directory?

The Artist/Associate (with directory listing) category of membership allows you to be included in the Art Services directory. Each listing includes a professional description, keywords, and up to two images.

New members can simply select this level when joining SAQA. If you are an existing Artist/Associate Member, you can upgrade your membership at renewal time. If your membership isn't up for renewal, contact us at for further instructions.

Click here to learn more about setting up your Arts Professional listing.


Is there a Membership Directory?

Our membership directory is available from within the mySAQA portal - login is required. Only current SAQA members have access to this information. You do have the option to remove yourself from the directory if you choose.

The membership directory is provided as a convenience for SAQA members. Use of the directory is limited to official SAQA business and personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.


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General Questions

Where I can find more information about News and Events?

The best place to visit is Info Central, which has details about all the different ways SAQA communicates with their members. Other useful pages:

SAQA News & Events
Event Calendar


What's the difference between the e.Bulletin and the Art Quilt News?

The e.Bulletin (or Monthly Update), sent monthly to all SAQA members, contains information of interest specifically for our members.  The Art Quilt News is sent weekly to anyone who opts to receive it. If you would like to receive Art Quilt News, sign up here.

Where do I find SAQA exhibition Calls for Entry?

General information about SAQA and non-SAQA calls are on the public Calls for Entry page. You can also view only SAQA calls on the SAQA Calls for Entry page.  


How do I spread the word about an event or call for entry?

We are happy to list such information. You can use this form to submit news about exhibitions and calls for entry.

What is a SAQA Trunk Show?

The trunk show is a wonderful way for members and non-members alike to view and engage with quilts made using a wide variety of styles, techniques, and fibers. Trunks are available for scheduling and travel all over the world. read trunk show faqs »

How should I prepare my images when submitting them to SAQA (for exhibitions, etc.)?

Please review this helpful guide before you send images to SAQA - either for a Call for Entry, the SAQA Journal or other publications. 


I wrote a book on art quilting - can I sell it through the SAQA Store?

We are no longer accepting books to list in the SAQA Store.


What is SAQArtique (online critic group) and how do I join? 

The SAQArtique group is open to all SAQA members. Members trust in each other to make honest comments about the issues that they wish to have critiqued. The critiques are all in the spirit of a shared interest in quilting as an art form and improvement of each person's talents. Each member is expected to post at least one of her/his own works every 3 months to the group blog and to participate in all critiques of other members' work.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Vicki Conley.


What is your Store return policy?
We want you to be completely satisfied with the publications you purchase from us. If you are not, you may return the item to us for a full refund within 30 days.

Before returning an item, please contact our Customer Service department by e-mail at or by calling 1-216-333-9146 from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) and inform us of the situation.

When returning an item, pack it securely in a sturdy box along with a copy of the packing slip (or invoice). You may be able to reuse the box we shipped the item to you in provided the box is in good condition.

Send returns to:

Mr. Bill Reker
SAQA Shipping Coordinator
Virtual Staffing Solutions, Inc.
4296 Wiltshire Court
Beavercreek, OH 45440


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Exhibition Questions


Review our list of Exhibition FAQs to find out all the details you need to know before entering our exhibitions. 



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Website / Technical Questions


I have a gmail account and SAQA emails get marked as spam (or I don't receive them).

Many users with gmail accounts have reported that SAQA's email are being marked as spam. In order to prevent this from happening, please add our emails to your contact list (,,,, etc.). You can also add a filter to your account to never send SAQA emails to spam.

To create a filter, open your gmail and select the gear in the upper right corner. Select Settings and then Filters. In the From field, enter and click create a new filter. On the next page, check the box that says "Never Send to Spam" and then save your settings. More Info >


I am having display issues with viewing PDFs - the pages are blank or the letters are garbled.

Sometimes, pdf files don't get displayed properly. If this happens to you, try the following:



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