Guest Curator- Desiree Vaughn

Color, shape, texture, movement, subtle or bold attract attention. The excitement is in the simplicity yet there is so much going on. Paradoxically simple and complicated at the same time.  

List of selected artists and works

Floris Flam

Infinity VI
Elena Stokes

Lakeside Meadow
Sarah Entsminger

Plant Trees
Dianne Firth

Dipped Dimension
Kathleen Probst

What`s White
Judith Larzelere

Seed and the Flame
Nancy Whittington

Quilt Drawing 15
Daphne Taylor

The Night Road
Alicia Merrett

High Water Mark
Karen Rips

Façade VI
Deidre Adams

Amber Harvest
Cindy Grisdela

Ancient Textiles: Cochineal
Judith Trager

Night Drawing No. 2
Jayne Willoughby

Alter Ego
Lynne G. Harrill