Guest Curator - Sally Westcott

I have chosen to explore the many ways flight can be represented. It is not just birds!  Butterflies, beetles, hearts and angels.  Even violins!  Flight is liberating and the quilts I have selected express that freedom.

List of selected artists and works

Just Fly
Jill Kerttula

Three hearts with wings
Lorie McCown

Dreaming of Flying
Bobbi Baugh

Oklahoma Windsong
Cherrie Hampton

Feathers Afloat & Ashore
Mary Beth Bellah

Barb Forrister

Urban Flight
Deborah Melton Anderson

Heron Alone
Jim Hay

Angel's Wings
Yael David-Cohen

Melani Brewer

White Winged Dove of Peace
Barbara Barrick McKie

Peg Keeney

Harrier Hunting
Ruth Powers

Birds of Beebe Woods
Salley Mavor

Blackbirds at Her Feet #1 and #2
Cheryl Dineen Ferrin

Tracy McCabe Stewart