Guest Curator: Margaret Blank, Mirror, AB, Canada.  

"Canadian Content" originally referred to regulations governing radio and television programming in Canada, requiring Canadian broadcasters to provide a certain percentage of content that was written, produced, presented or in some other way contributed to by Canadians....but "CanCon" (as it's often called) has also entered Canada's vernacular as a description for any cultural and/or creative content/material that is Canadian in nature.  I'm delighted to present pieces in this gallery that have been designed and created by 13 of our 17 current Canadian Juried Artist Members.

List of selected artists and works

Eclat de Joie
Helena Scheffer

Old Dog, New Tricks
Maggie Vanderweit

Executive Rolling Hills
Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas

Water Tower #2
Heather Dubreuil

Curtain Call 2
Elaine Quehl

Overcoming Fear
Hilary Rice

Old Baldy Ridge
Patti Morris