Guest Curator - Victoria Rondeau

Trees are necessary for the sustainment of life on earth. Through the process of photosynthesis they store carbon dioxide, filter out dust, carbon monoxide, sulpher dioxide and nitrogen. This improves our air quality, conserves water, preserves soil and supports wildlife. But... they also produce Oxygen. One acre of adult trees can produce enough oxygen to meet the needs of 18 people. Trees are beautiful to look at. We enjoy them in our landscapes, in parks and forests. 

The Art Quilts I have chosen all have a common theme of trees. Some have beautiful leaves, green or turning to fall colors. Some are barren or in their last stages of evolution. They all contribute to our life on earth. 

Take a deep breath. Thank a tree.

List of selected artists and works

Between Light and Shadow
Hilde Morin

Refuge III
Valerie C. White

Spilled Red
Martha E. Ressler

Golden Marsh
Kathie Briggs

Plane Tree
Denise Oyama Miller

Spring Tree Flutter-By
Mary Beth Bellah

Red Autumn
Barbara Oliver Hartman

The Forest
Hsin-Chen Lin

Spring Woods
Virginia Abrams

River Valley Pathway
Margie Davidson

Reaching (#2 Roots Series)
Doria A. Goocher

Au Lac de Montsalvens
Grietje Van der Veen

Still Standin
Pamela Druhen