wish you were here


Guest curator -V. Susan Johnson  

I thought of postcards as I searched through the gallery images. Whether they represent real or imagined places, these quilts invite me to go in search of new views--or perhaps new points of view. I chose them for the emotions I think their creators may have experienced as they brought them to life, emotions I equate with traveling to new places. And of course, all travels include thankfulness for a safe arrival home.

List of selected artists and works

Laura Jaszkowski

DAMSS ( Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-Sartori)

Glacier Bay
Diane Melms

Garden in Blue-Frosr
Denise Linet

Adobe Mosque II
Joke Buursma

Camden Town
Heather Dubreuil

Seaside Town
Alicia Merrett

The Forest
Hsin-Chen Lin

Rivers Edge
Judy Simmons

Redefinitions V: Urban Africa
Dena Dale Crain

Aspen Grove
Patty Hawkins

Alberta Rockies #2
Patti Morris

Forest Walk
Pat Durbin

Mountain Chapel
Annette Kennedy

Gwen Mayer

Verdant Mesa
Regina Benson