Guest Curator - Jane Dunnewold

It's a challenge to choose a topic when so many have curated so well. I chose Sky Gazing because it is a fond personal pastime. I was curious what sky images I would find among the posted art quilts. And I was pleased to discover images ranging from daylight to dusk and on into the night.

I am delighted to share a mix of wonderful realistic and figurative works, alongside pieces that are abstractly and creatively poetic. Sometimes the sky is front and center, the most important part of the composition. In other cases the artist's treatment of the sky makes the piece for me.

I hope viewers will enjoy these pieces as much as I did.

List of selected artists and works

New Year's Eve
Kate Themel

Nocturnus III

Laura Jaszkowski

DAMSS ( Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-Sartori)

Spacescape 16
Floris Flam

Dream of Lotus
Maya Schonenberger

Out of Repair
Joke Buursma

New Day
Laurie Swim

Planets at Play
Judy B. Dales

Moon Fire
Jacque Davis

In the Moonlight
Sue Dennis

Bitter Harvest
Teri Donovan

Sky Writing
Cathy Kleeman

Monterey At Dusk
Melinda Bula