By creating a network of collectors, dealers, and artists, SAQA advances the awareness of the art quilt to the contemporary art world. Our Exhibition program and Benefit Auction are examples of the excellent work created within this diverse medium.

Our newest publication - Art Quilt Quarterly - is designed to appeal to collectors and admirers of art quilts everywhere. Each issue will include articles on notable collections and collectors, conservation, artists to watch, SAQA traveling exhibitions and much more.

Many of SAQA’s members collect contemporary quilt art, appreciating the aesthetic beauty of this genre and its importance within the great art world. Some private collectors of art quilts concentrate on a specific region or theme. Other collectors have a broader focus, purchasing works from individual artists’ studios and from national juried exhibitions such as Quilt National, Visions, Art Quilt Elements, and the Houston International Quilt Festival. Most of these major collectors enthusiastically share their pieces, which number in the hundreds, with the public via museum and gallery exhibitions.

FREE eBook - Brief History of the Art Quilt (Robert Shaw)

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