SAQA Endowment Fund

The SAQA Endowment Fund is a permanent fund established to support the future growth and activities of our organization. Such a fund provides stability and security, helping to ensure our mission over the long term. Endowment funds are permanently set aside and invested to generate future earnings. Expenditures are then made from the earnings while the principal remains intact.

The Finance Committee oversees the Endowment Fund, which is invested through Charles Schwab in an account that includes a variety of bond and equity mutual funds, with a conservative balance of 35% bond funds and 65% equity funds.

Your gift to the Endowment Fund will ensure a vibrant and strong organization for decades to come, enabling SAQA to allocate more financial resources in support of our mission: to promote quilt art through education, exhibitions, and professional development of our members.  The impact of your generosity will touch every aspect of SAQA’s activities: our exhibitions, catalogs, the SAQA Journal, conferences, and regional programs. 

Legacy donations are especially appropriate for an endowment fund. If you wish to include SAQA in your will or as a beneficiary, please contact our Executive Director, Martha Sielman:

Make a Donation

Any amount would be greatly appreciated and may be pledged once or over a period of time. 

Named Funds

As a donor to the endowment fund with a commitment of $10,000 or more, you may wish to associate your name, or the name of someone who has played an important role in your life, with Studio Art Quilt Associates in perpetuity by establishing a Named Fund. That fund will be credited whenever earnings from it are used for any purpose, in perpetuity.

We will be pleased to provide you and your advisors with samples of our endowment agreements and to discuss in detail our endowment investment policies.  Moreover, we will provide you with annual updates on the impact of your fund within our organization.

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Your donation to SAQA may be tax deductible.

Endowment Donors
Legacy Circle -- SAQA is remembered in our wills

Christi Beckmann
Judith Content

John J. "Butch" Davies, III

Linda Gass
John and Maureen Hendricks
Wendy Huhn

Beth Schillig
Sandra Sider

Martha Sielman

Teri Springer

Judith Trager

Nelda Warkentin
Ruth A. White
Dr. Kenneth and Shelly Zegart


President’s Circle   $15,000 and up
   Mary Anhaltzer Memorial Fund*
   Lisa Ellis * in memory of Judith House 
   Shirley Neary*

   Cathy Shanahan 

Director’s Circle    $10,000 - $14,999

   Ralph and Janice James  
   Jean Ray Laury Memorial Fund (Karey Bresenhan)*

Gold Circle            $5,000 - $9,999
   Robert and Ardis James Trust

   Teri Springer in honor of all SAQA members who have had breast or ovarian cancer

Silver Circle           $2,500 - $4,999
   Nancy Bavor
   Barbara Daly Blanchard in memory of her mother, Doris Louise Peck Daly
   Carol A. Churchill
   Marvin Fletcher in memory of Hilary Fletcher
   John M. Walsh III*

Bronze Circle         $1,000 - $2,499
   Anonymous (3)
   Anonymous in memory of Francisco Bautista
   Jacqueline Atkins
   Eliza Brewster  
   Linda Colsh  
   Ann Johnston
   LaPierre Studios
   Cat Larrea & Mark McDermott
   Jeanne Marklin
   Margaret Moon & Butch Davies  
   Mary Pal*
   Julie Scott*
   Sandra Sider* in memory of Jean Ray Laury
   Priscilla Stultz
   Judith Trager*
   Nelda Warkentin*
   Judy Warner

   Adrienne Yorinks

Members’ Circle     up to $1,000

2013 SAQA Board of Directors in honor of Sandra Sider
Anonymous (6)
Virginia A. M. Abrams
Mirjam Aigner
Susan Apte
Holly Adkins-Ardrey
Barbara Aiken
Joanne Alberda
Katherine K. Allen
Elizabeth Bamberger
Alison A. Banks
Abbi Barden
Margaret Batko
Alice Beasley
Rebecca Beeson
Stella Belikiewicz
Sue Benner
Elizabeth Bennett
Sue Bleiweiss

Margaret Blank

Nancy Bougher
Holly Brackmann

Susan Brehm
Karey Bresenhan
Jane B. Broaddus 

Peggy Brown
Nancy Bryant

Margaret Bushaw
Deb Cashatt
Susan Charles
Susan Christensen
Hilary Clark
Marilyn Clulow
Marlene Cohen
Maureen Cole
Barbara Confer
Martha Connell
Judith Content
Nancy G. Cook
Karen Cooper
Linda Cooper
Barb Corrigan
Robin Cowley  
Susie Cujes
Dee Dadik
Michele David
Geri deGruy  
Silvia Dell'Aere
Eileen Doughty in memory of Gwen Magee
June Mears Driedger
Regina Dunn in memory of Mary Figulski, who gave me the love of sewing
Annabel Ebersole  

Marcie Emily
Nancy Erickson  
Clairan Ferrono in memory of Catherine Ferrono and Claire Ferrono
Heidi Field-Alvarez

Georgia French
Barbara Frey

Julia Gaff
Gina Gahagan
Linda Gass

Laurie Hill Gibb in memory of Florence Hill
Susan Hilsenbeck
Mary Louise Gerek

Becky Grover
Judy Grumbacher
Joyce Hanlon
Ayn Hanna
Carole Harris
Judith Harrison
Peggie Hartwell
Terry Ann Hartzell
Patty Hawkins in memory of Betty Clark, mother for all my sewing/art talent
Cathy Heeter
Carol Heist
Jean Herman
Carolyn Higgins
Sharon Hightower
Susan Hilsenbeck
Jill Hoddick
Sandra Holland
Jessica Hudson
Patricia Hull
Tanja Iannarelli
Toby Jagolinzer
Jill Jensen
Dolores Johnson
Jean Jurgenson
Iris Karp
Jean Wells Keenan
Rosemary Kessler
Patricia Kicklighter
Levin S. Kinsey



   Pamela Price Klebaum
Sherry Kleinman
Lesley Knox
Ursula Koenig
Maureen Koski
   Lynn Krawczyk
   Ellie Kreneck in honor of Yvonne Porcella
   Donna Leigh Jackins
Carol Larson
   Judith Larzelere
Gay E. Lasher
Michele Lasker
   Alison Laurence
   Yemima Lavan
   Denise Linet   Mary Ann Littlejohn
   Aurelle Locke
   Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

   Louise Ludecke
   Rodi Shemata Ludlum
   Jenny Lyon
   Alice Magorian
   Kathryn Markel
Regina Marzlin
Kathleen McCabe
Diane Melms
Judith Merrell
Anita Mester
Elsa Meyer
Paula Middendorp
   Magali Aparecide Miranda
   Kathleen Molatch
Judy Momenzadeh
   Pamela Morris
Patti Morris

   Gillian Moss
   Reiko Naganuma
   Christine Nielsen
Cathy O'Bryan
   Pat Owoc

   Do Palma
   Donata Pfisterer
   Marti Plager
   Judith Plows
   Susan Polansky

   Rae Poon
   Linda Ritchie
   Margaret Rolph
   Bernie Rowell
   Susan Ruda
   Judy Tipton Rush
   Claudia Sammis
   Dinah Sargeant
   Patty Sawyer
   Kris Sazaki, in Honor of My Fellow Board Members 2010-2016
   Carroll Schleppi
   Alison Schwabe
   Charlotte Scott
Lisa Sellers-West
   Virginia Spiegel
   Nancy Sharp

   Sara Sharp
   G. Peter Shostak in memory of Myra Shostak
   Martha Sielman in honor of Sandra Sider
   Maria Simonsson
   Catherine Smith
   Chris Boersma Smith
   Ginny Smith
   Sandra Smith
   Sarah Ann Smith  
   Elizabeth Spannring
   Gerri Spilka
   Tammo & Aafke Steenhuis
   Leah Sullivan
   Paula Swett
   Paula Tanner
   Daphne Taylor
   Karen Reese Tunnell
   Carolyn Lee Vehslage
   Mary Vinovskis
   Debbie Wambaugh
   Denny Webster
   Ruth White
   Shea Wilkinson

   Susanne Woods
   Diane Wright
   Charlotte Ziebarth
   Heidi Zielinski


Contributed to the $50,000 matching funds