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Submission Guidelines for the SAQA Journal 

Thank you for considering submitting content for the SAQA Journal. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as your prepare your proposal. View PDF version of guidelines »

Submitting proposals
Please submit your ideas to A paragraph explaining what you’d like to cover will suffice.

We’re usually working two issues out, so if you have a timely topic please check in with us as soon as possible. Be sure to check the Journal Index to make sure that your proposed topic has not been featured recently. As time and technology changes, we’ll revisit some topics but we’d like to avoid as much repetition as possible.

We’re interested in articles that feature an inspiring mix of motivating artists, group exhibitions, and the fine content that’s always been a part of the Journal. In each issue, we regularly run a featured artist and a volunteer spotlight. We’re also currently looking for the following kinds of content:

Article length
Journal articles commonly run in the 1500 word range. However, some topics will warrant more than that and some may require less. The range will be determined by the writer and the editor once the proposal has been approved and before writing begins. As you’re writing, please fact-check your work. Check with the main artists or interviewees featured in your article to confirm all of the details and specifics you’ve included.

Editing process
Your work will be copy edited and proofed, always with your original intention and vision in mind.

Photography requirements
For the articles that you’re submitting, we ask that you help us gather images when possible and applicable. The minimum requirement for photography is 1200 pixels (on the longest side). Please provide caption information with the photos you submit. If the photo features a quilt, include the artist’s name, the title of the piece, the year created, and the dimensions.

We offer compensation for articles. Rates will be negotiated with the editor at the beginning of the process. Payments are processed once the Journal ships to the printer.

Please contact with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for considering writing for the Journal.