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Sound of Water
Margaret Abramshe

Composition IX
Deidre Adams

Six Birds
B. J. Adams

Kopf 55
Regula Affolter

MNHB vault
Natalya Aikens

Rhythmic Forms
Joanne Alberda

Geometry of the Herd #4
Mary Lou Alexander

Elevan Farm Birds
Pamela Allen

Urban Flight
Deborah Melton Anderson

Spring Trees
Frieda Anderson

A Day in the Life
Linda Anderson

Britta Ankenbauer

A Phoenix for the Tar Sands
Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas

Ludmila Aristova

Penn Sardin #2- La Dentellière
Genevieve Attinger

Oh! Rock-a My Soul! (or Revelations)
Nancy Bardach

Authentic Imitation
Teresa Barkley

Treeline # 2
Sharon M W Bass

How Can We Sing in a Strange Land
Bobbi Baugh

Black Hole
Polly Dressler Bech

The Checkered Heart Feels No Pain
Nancy Beckerman

Spring Tree Flutter-By
Mary Beth Bellah

Verdant Mesa
Regina Benson

Reaching Up
Liz Berg

Red Echo
Jeanne Bieri

Flag I
Nancy Billings

Fruiting Body #9
Charlotte Bird

Three of a Kind
Pat Bishop

Brushstrokes: River City Blues
Arlene L. Blackburn

Flying In My Dreams
Julie S. Brandon

red sun
Ann Brauer

Melani Brewer

October Morning
Susan Brubaker Knapp

Medeina, Goddess of the Forest
Shelley Brucar

Self Portrait
Sandra Bruce

Last Rites
Pat Budge

Betty Busby

Red Earth
Joke Buursma

2 Top
Susan Callahan

JoAnn Camp

Last Bits
Ruth Carden

Carolyn Carson

Erika Carter

American Still Life: The Weight Of the Nation
Deb Cashatt of Pixeladies

Harriet Cheney

Layers of Memory
Christine Chester

Florence Nightingale
Shin-hee Chin

Blue Quilt
Anna Chupa

Caribbean Memories
Rosemary Claus-Gray

White Wall 4
Jette Clover

Crab Apples: Blossoms and Fruit
Maryte Collard

Stand By Me
Sharon Collins

Stacks on Stacks
Vicki Conley

Topography 2: Crest Trail
Shannon Conley

70's Child
Jennifer Conrad

Redefinitions V: Urban Africa
Dena Dale Crain

Emma in the Looking Glass
Lenore Crawford

Lovebirds, two
Phyllis Cullen

Emmy Tovo
Sherri Culver

Sandy Curran

In the Ballscape
Denise A. Currier

Dream a Little Dream
Judy B. Dales

Angel's Wings
Yael David-Cohen

Storm, Horizon & Waves
Fenella Davies

Moon Fire
Jacque Davis

boy and his best friend
Jennifer Day

Marcia DeCamp

In the Moonlight
Sue Dennis

Dragon's Dream
Ellen Deschatres

Leafy Sea Dragon
Sally Dillon

Missed Trains
Maggie Dillon

Primordial Sea I- IV
Teri Donovan

Found Memory
Willy Doreleijers

Cherry Blossom 10
Chiaki Dosho

Out of the Blue
Janis Doucette

Camden Town
Heather Dubreuil

Robbi Joy Eklow

Hard Times
Susan Else

Noriko Endo

Summer at the Waterfront
Sarah Entsminger

Dancing in the Fifties
Cathy Erickson

Beyond the Gate
Marcia H. Eygabroat

Aquarium #2
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Passage of Time: Braunschweig 3
Deborah Fell

Clairan Ferrono

From The Outside In  A Seeing Way series
Linda Filby-Fisher

Plant Trees
Dianne Firth

Mary Fisher

Lorena Bobbitt
Tommy Fitzsimmons

Gateway 2
Floris Flam

Katriina Flensburg

Ruins of Roussillon
Sheila Frampton-Cooper

23 Witnesses
Randy Frost

Quilt of Fantastical Things
Judith Quinn Garnett

The Old City Awakens
Jayne Gaskins

Linda Gass

Ebb Tide
Mita Giacomini

Summer to Fall
Jo-Ann Golenia

Reaching (#2 Roots Series)
Doria A. Goocher

Lay of the Land II
Valerie S. Goodwin

New York Fiesta
Julia Graber

Virginia Greaves

Channeling Ernst Haeckel #3
Sandy Gregg

Retro Circles
Cindy Grisdela

Groovy Flower
Cara Gulati

Caught in a Whirlwind
Gunnel Hag

Land of Giants
Betty Hahn

Oklahoma Windsong
Cherrie Hampton

Squared Illusions 6
Gloria Hansen

Geoforms: Fractures #1
Michele Hardy

Phillida Hargreaves

The Mailboxes
Bev Haring

In the Cross Hairs
Lynne G. Harrill

Before the Freeway
Carole Harris

Red Autumn
Barbara Oliver Hartman

Heaven Collapsing
Ann J. Harwell

Animals #10
Shoko Hatano

Broom Pig Man
Jim Hay

Zero Gravity Dreamscape
Susan Heller

Sandra Hoefner

Ying and Yangish
Rosemary Hoffenberg

Zingermans at Kerrytown
Sue Holdaway-Heys

Black Water 1
Judy Hooworth

Sue Hotchkis

Michelle Jackson

Rift Valley
Laura Jaszkowski

Nests & Vessels 1 (detail)
Leslie Tucker Jenison

Breath of Time
Lisa Jenni

Rolling Over the RIdge
Murray Johnston

The Contact: Headwaters
Ann Johnston

Anita Kaplan

Kathleen Kastles

Mountain Chapel
Annette Kennedy

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred

Bird Leaves
Jill Kerttula

The Story of My Life
Misik Kim

Ammonite Dream
Lyric Kinard

Grapes of Wrath
Sue King

Anxiety No 9 / Mastectomy
Judy Kirpich

Cathy Kleeman

A Moment in Time with Genevieve
Sherry Kleinman

Forest Fire
Marjan Kluepfel

On Her Road To...
Brigitte Kopp

Round and Round It Goes
Paula Kovarik

Nightfall on El Capitan
Ellie Kreneck

Bits of Gold
Pat Kroth

Lighting the Way
Karol Kusmaul

Wait until I'm Four
Deborah Kuster

Sunset on Inishmore
Denise Labadie

Entangled in the Blues
Judy Langille

Blue Unit
Kim LaPolla

Defining Moments 12: NO Means NO
Carol Larson

Bits on White
Judith Larzelere

Urban Jungle Dialog 6 detail
Mary-Ellen Latino

Sandra Lauterbach

Newly Emerged
Tracey Lawko

Knit Swirls
Michele Leavitt

Black Saves the Day
Susan Webb Lee

Play of Lines XXIX
Uta Lenk

Threads: Gathering My Thoughts
Susan Lenz

Cycles Wilhelmina
Kay Liggett

Hsin-Chen Lin

Garden in Blue-Frosr
Denise Linet

Live Water
Susan Leslie Lumsden

Kevan Lunney

L'attitude bleue
Karin Lusnak

Winsome City
Shannon Maisel

Bryna Flowers
Fuzzy Mall

Unfolding Story
Regina Marzlin

Mighty Grip
Penny Mateer

Coastal Life 2
Susan Mathews

Birds of Beebe Woods
Salley Mavor

Butterfly Number One
Therese May

Kathleen McCabe

Fragile Resilience
Sharon McCartney

Sherri Lipman McCauley

What used to be
Lorie McCown

Fascinatin' Rhythm
Susan McCraw

Chip On An Old Log
Barbara Barrick McKie

Color Crayon Color (136)
Salli McQuaid

Fatigue Threshold
Amy Meissner

Fresh Salsa
Diane Melms

Canal Country
Alicia Merrett

Le Mal Etre
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

Denise Oyama Miller

Karen Illman Miller

Agave and Ocotillo
Susie Monday

Lake Reflections
Melody Money

Sicilian Fruit
Jeannie Moore

Between Light and Shadow
Hilde Morin

Damning the Molongolo
Alison Muir

Into the Ocean Deep
Judith Mundwiler

Blue Thistle
Olena Nebuchadnezzar

Peking Baby
Nysha Nelson

Kathy Nida

Joyful Garden
Stephanie Nordlin

Diane Nunez

Texture Experiment #23
Dan Olfe

All Tied Up
Marty Ornish

Mary Pal

Katie Pasquini Masopust

Urban Density
Geri Patterson-Kutras

Time of Day: Happy Hour
Pat Pauly

Without A Home
Kathryn Pellman

Contrast X
Julia E. Pfaff

Urban Melody
Judith Plotner

Susan Polansky

Snow Buddies
Ruth Powers

Tuning Fork #11
Heather Pregger

River Mudflat Series: Glacial Tracts
Marilyn M. Prucka

Coin Toss
Casey Puetz

Curtain Call 2
Elaine Quehl

Dorothy Raymond

In Dreams I Learned to Swim
Sue Reno

Across the Ages
Martha E. Ressler

August Daze
Susan Rienzo

High Water Mark
Karen Rips

Dragon Squad
Kim Ritter

Lora Rocke

Peaceable Kingdom
Judith Roderick

Dentro del Blogspot
Miki Rodriguez

Los Angeles River
Connie Rohman

Traffic Jam
Pam RuBert

Chocolate Columbine
Jane Sassaman

American Still Life: The Weight of the Nation
Kris Sazaki of Pixeladies

Helena Scheffer

Norma Schlager

Generation 2500
Barbara J. Schneider

Miracle of Life
Maya Schonenberger

Fiddler on the Couch
Susan Schrott

Juxtaposition 2: High Wire Act
Karen Schulz

Corona 2
Alison Schwabe

Approximating Pi
Sally Sellers

Goat in Boat
Kathleen Sharp

After the Party is Over
Sara Sharp

Funky Monkey
Maria Shell

Bashful Honu
Sue Sherman

1960 Rolls Royce
Teresa Shippy

Swept into Eternity
Sandra Sider

Rivers Edge
Judy Simmons

Sarah Ann Smith

Water,water Everywhere
Bonnie J. Smith

Transfusion #4
Catherine Smith

Our Independence
Mary Ruth Smith

I'm Just Saying
Cyndi Souder

By Design
Joan Sowada

Boundry Waters 94
Virginia A. Spiegel

The Old Oak- Series II
Jean Sredl

Infinity V
Elena Stokes

The Cycle
Priscilla Stultz

ratchet wheel
Mary Tabar

Tiziana Tateo

Quilt Drawing 11
Daphne Taylor

Bundled Up
Kate Themel

Daniela Tiger

Old Brick Farm House
Catherine Timm

Day Lily Garden
Judith Trager

Siren's Song
Gwyned Trefethen

Au Lac de Montsalvens
Grietje Van der Veen

Strawberry Spirits
Maggie Vanderweit

Autumn Eulogy
Desiree Vaughn

Earth Quilt #112: Lines XXII
Meiny Vermaas-van der Heide

Down East
Terry Waldron

Japanese Love
Lisa Walton

Young Forest III
Laura Wasilowski

Sylvia Weir

Crosscut II
Jean Wells Keenan

The Striking Stone-Impact
Grace Wever

Below Sacred Ground
Valerie C. White

Tree Bark
Isabelle Wiessler

Marianne R. Williamson

Night Drawing No. 2
Jayne Willoughby

Broken Promises
Hope Wilmarth

Valerie Wilson

The Heron, the Kayak, and the Grebes: Part II
Kathy York

Burnt Water
Charlotte Ziebarth

Griffith and Broadway
Marian Zielinski