Celebration!  20th Anniversary National Quilt Museum

Curator’s Statement: 

When invited to be the curator for the National Quilt Museum’s 20th Anniversary, I welcomed the opportunity to assemble an international exhibition by today’s foremost art quilters. I set out with stacks of catalogs and my laptop ready to search artist websites, the SAQA Professional Artist Member Gallery and online exhibitions.

The obvious path was to include 20 works. To illustrate the state of the art quilt today, I asked ten prominent artists to submit a pair of art quilts. Working within the layered and stitched form of quilt, these artists express developed and defined ideas through their work.

My goal in working with the invited artists was to find two related artworks that permit a rare view into the connectivity and evolution of how mature artists’ develop a series or cohesive body of work. The connection between the two art quilts could be thematic and/or visual.

As we discussed possible selections, the artists and I talked about visual dialogues, common themes and artistic goals. The artists sent brief statements along with their artwork explaining the relationship. These statements, presented here with the artworks, give viewers a glimpse into their thought processes as well as how they work with materials and techniques.


Linda Colsh
(Residence: Everberg, Belgium)


List of artists and artworks; links to images and statements made available by the artist.

Deidre Adams Façade II

Façade VIII

Pamela Allen Three Women at the Salon-Medieval

Three Women at the Nursery-Moghul

Elizabeth Barton St Ives

Rainy Rainy Night

Jette Clover White Wall 2

White Wall 6

Judith Content Oasis

Desert Pools

Susan Else Gaining


Valerie Goodwin City Grid IV

archiTEXTural cARTography

Deborah Gregory Choices and Pathways IV

Choices and Pathways VI

Marilyn Henrion Soft City:Kelley & Ping

Soft City:Red Dragon

Ann Johnston Countless


Peg Keeney Generations

Early Morning

Cathy Kleeman Sky Writing


Denise Linet Folio III

Autumn Reverie

Dominie Nash Big Leaf series #16

Big Leaf series #17

Dan Olfe Color Bloom

Celebration #2

Clare Plug Antarctica Series: Warning

Antarctica Series: Warning 2

Joan Schulze Invitation


Nelda Warkentin Deep Harbor Light

Grand Canyon

Barbara Watler Birches


Jill Rumoshosky Werner Convoluted


Linda Colsh, curator Sweet diptych