Points of View  Juror and Curator Statements

Juror's Statement

I must say it has been a privilege and joy working with SAQA and the many wonderful people associated with the organization.  It seems that in the past several years I have begun a crash course educating myself on the vast studio art quilter’s world.  As a gallery director and curator my focus has been on exhibiting and promoting the prominent quilt artists working today.  Recently I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful new artists in the studio art quilt world as well as viewing some extraordinary exhibitions.  This to me speaks of a healthy and vibrant movement.

When asked to juror the emerging artists exhibition, Points of View, I decided that first and foremost I would judge works on the merits of good design and use of color. Craftsmanship is not easily read through virtual means, however it was only through careful examination of the details that I was able to see the fine use of needle work and its relationship to the all over design. I was quite pleased with the work presented to me and I had to make some hard choices to narrow it down to 30 works. 

I get great joy in viewing works designed with and created from fabric.  I know that piecing fabrics together to create something beautiful can be daunting.  Patterns, saturation of color, scale, design and subject matter all must be harmonious.   I tried to choose works with unique ideas and view points.   Reference to the past is wonderful as long as an artist explores it with reverence, a fresh eye and new ideas.  These 30 quilts chosen represent to me some wonderful, fresh and vibrant views of studio quilting.  I would like to extend my congratulations to those who were chosen and my gratitude and encouragement to all that applied. I hope that you will continue to explore this wonderful world of cloth.

Bruce Hoffman
Snyderman-Works Galleries

Curator's Statement:

Points of View showcases the work of member artists whose work has not been shown in a national or international SAQA exhibition in the last 3 years. This also includes new SAQA members. We present emerging artist members whose work is both excellent and unique, yet hasn't managed to catch the jurors' eyes until now.

I was pleased to curate this exhibit of SAQA’s emerging artist members. Most intriguing to me was how the artists chosen for this exhibit interpreted this rather ambiguous theme. From a structured composition to the very abstract, from a timid hue to a robust and vivid color palette, from cryptic meaning to a very outspoken voice; this exhibit invites the viewer to contemplate perspective, the Points of View of another. 

Carol Larson