Certified Quilt Appraisers

For more information about appraisals, review this helpful article by Anne Copeland. Appraisals are needed for several reasons, the most common being sales, insurance, charitable donations, and estate taxes.

Replacement value appraisals usually result in the highest values, being the cost of replacing the item with a similar item in a limited amount of time. This type of appraisal is often applied as insurance values.

Fair market value means the price that the item would be purchased for in the open market. This is the valuation used by most appraisers for chartable donations and estates appraised for tax purposes. (Artists in the U.S. who donate their own works to non-profit institutions may report on their annual taxes only the value of the materials as a donation.)

Other resources include:

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Please note that some appraisers are qualified to appraise both traditional quilts and quilts as contemporary art, others appraise solely for the “quilt market.” SAQA provides this list merely as a convenience, without any endorsement of the appraisers.