Olena Nebuchadnezzar


Artist Information for Olena Nebuchadnezzar

I love working with fabric. Beside its visual impact, it has a tactile quality, and textile pieces bring a sense of warmth and calmness to our homes.

Excitement of birth, joy of living, sadness of decline and loss, and hope for rebirth as a new form of life are all reflected in nature cycles. It is my goal to show human feelings and different stages in life through a landscape, drawing attention of the viewer to the fragile impetuous beauty of the wildlife around us and commemorate it.

I want my viewers to feel a connection to the natural world and it’s fundamental forces such as birth, spirit, and love; and perceive that they are a part of its ever resurrecting beauty.

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Blue Thistle

Blue Thistle35' x 25'  

Bizarre Garden

Bizarre Garden32" x 27"  

Summer Glory

Summer Glory39" x 30"  

Summer's End

Summer's End34" x 29"  

Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest38" x 38"