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As a full time artist and a retired Architect, my training, my experiences and my life all inform my fabric art. I explore intangible qualities like color, light and movement; they are all vital to my compositions. Free-hand curves cut from my fabrics add to the flow of the work. Color adds mood and emotional tone, lighting contrasts, a sense of movement and depth and, above all, great beauty to my pieces.

My most exciting and successful designs are those I do quickly, intuitively, chasing a fleeting image --- and trying to realize its sensibility and beauty in the final pieced and stitched object. I will continue working in an improvisational manner in future work. Meanings proliferate as the viewer studies each of my pieces.

For me as a fabric artist, architectural design also inspires many of the massing and perspective choices I make. The regularity of patterning appeals very directly to me, whether found in old quilting designs or in my creation of repeating images and new interpretations.

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Oh! Rock-a My Soul! (or Revelations)

Oh! Rock-a My Soul! (or Revelations)56 h x 82 w  

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum75"h x 45"w  

Past, present and future tents --- the interrupted lives of migrant refugees. Somber colors and dark surroundings reflect dire conditions. Relatively more colorful doorways and people lingering beyond open flaps suggest continuing light and hope within.

A Song of Ascent

A Song of Ascent64"h x 140"w   Photo by Don Tuttle Photography, Emeryville CA

Travelling towards a future life... leaving behind you an eternity of emptiness. Sea deep and ocean wide are the perils confronting migrants of all ages, no matter how or what we actually fled. This piece speaks not only of sorrow, regrets, dangerous oceans, traversing dark spaces, but rather, of aspiration, arrival, inner joy attained.

The Body Electric

The Body Electric51"h x 46"w  

Images of indigo-dyed spinal columns, x-rays of knees, splashes of light and color, "The Body Electric" is a departure for me, utilizing photographic transfers of my own knees. Arranged in bar-like stripes, it alludes to graceful, bony structures. Indigo resist-dyed fabric from Africa also references skeletal patterns reminiscent of backbones.

Aztec Altar

Aztec Altar31"h x 23"w