Artist Information for Regula Affolter

My works are made of textile materials.

Different color concepts, the dyeing of cotton and silk fabrics by hand, various printing techniques and the processing of thread and material by stitching on the sewing machine build the basic of my work.

Geometric shapes, personal impressions or simply facts captured in a stylistic way and interpreted in the drawing game with the sewing machine, give the work statement and personel structure.

​Elementary principles such as design and realization connect with the components during the workflow.

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Kopf 55

Kopf 55 23 x 33 cm   Photo by JEA

Serie Missisbraini/thoughtlessly
Humility and Observations 

Golfer Nr. 20

Golfer Nr. 2029 x 39 cm   Photo by JEA

Series Crossings/in the context of causes, freedom, habits and principles.

Big Brother is Watching You

Big Brother is Watching You104 x 102 cm   Photo by JEA

Serie Missisbraini/Thread tension!

The path to dystopian society in the context of thread tension

Graue Mäuse (detail)

Graue Mäuse (detail)100 x 100 cm full   Photo by JEA

Serie Missisbraini/Workout

Observations of our time 

Flucht 21

Flucht 21115cm x 84 cm   Photo by JEA

Serie Crossings/Crusades of our time in the context of forced to flee! I deal with the refugee flows across Europe and their uncertain outcome.