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Working with colour and texture is what drives my creative process. In my latest series of abstracts called “Colour Explosions,” I sift through piles of fabric that act as my palette, carefully snipping off just the right piece. I dye, paint, stamp and print many of the fabrics myself, revelling in the serendipity of creating never-to-be-repeated hues and patterns on vintage and other textiles. The intricate machine stitching adds another layer of complexity to each textile piece. My inspiration comes from nature, life events, and colour itself.

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Luminescence36 x 24   Photo by Maria Korab Laskowska


Chameleon48" x 36"  

A Simple Twist of Fate

A Simple Twist of Fate24 x 20   Photo by Maria Korab Laskowska

Eclat de Joie

Eclat de Joie36" x 24"  

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion75" x 55"