Joke Buursma


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Originally from The Netherlands, I am now residing in Ireland. The exotic elements from the Dutch multicultural society have influenced my colour palette. travelling have evoked my interest in the cultural legacies of the countries I have visited over the years. My collection of books about the cultural history of diverse countries is another source of inspiration.

My work references a sense of space derived from places which affected me. In the course of the last couple of years I have been working on pieces alluding to the Adobe architecture in Mali (West Africa) and in other pieces to the past of Ireland, France, Spain, and Syria.

Once an idea starts growing, I research that subject and gather material. Often, but not always, I compile it into a drawing and make templates from this drawing. While working on the piece there will be room for improvisations. The result is a piece that shows my personal vision and emotions.

My work consist of mainly cotton fabrics, occasionally silk, linen and man-made material too. I use commercial, self hand-dyed and dyed-over fabrics. In my work I apply raw edge and fused applique, painting, discolouring, stamping, stencilling, piecing, and densely free-motion quilting.

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Red Earth

Red Earth35 x 26 3/4   I travelled in August to South Africa. One of the things that struck me was the beauty of the deep red of the earth.

Out of Repair

Out of Repair39 1/4 x 78 1/2   Everytime when I see a ruin of a castle I get that feel of mystery that hangs around it. No roofs anymore, walls crumbling away, partly overgrown with weeds and shrubs, and there are always lots of crows. Nearby my house is this ruin of a castle, built around 1640. The archives say that it is “Out of Repair”. There are only a few walls left.

Adobe Mosque II

Adobe Mosque II34 3/4 x 23   The peculiar shapes of the mud buildings in Mali are a source of inspiration for me. This work is an impression of an adobe mosque. The whole piece is covered by embroidered sort of squares to reflect all the wooden sticks used for maintaining the buildings.

Hermaphrodite II

Hermaphrodite II30 1/4 x 28 1/2   The peculiar shapes of the mud buildings in Mali are a source of inspiration for me. I am amased about the craft and beauty of these extraordinary houses and mosques. 'Mali, Hermaphrodite II' , the latest of my Mali series, shows a connection between fertility symbols – like a hermaphrodite - and the round 'breast' shapes on top of the walls of the mud buildings.

burying Their Children

burying Their Children32 1/4 x 23 1/4   During the Great Irish Famine, over a million people died between 1845 – 1852, the worst catastrophe of the 19th century. The theme of my piece is: mothers burying their children.