Nancy Whittington

737 Gimghoul Road
Chapel Hill, NC
27514 US


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Autumn in the South

Autumn in the South78" x 32"   Autumn in the South is golden and mild. It has a soft luminescence I wished to capture in a mosaic of tawny beige, yellow, and coral silks.

Hurtling Toward the Future

Hurtling Toward the Future36" x 57"   “Hurtling Toward the Future” describes my present sense of time passing. The wheel of life is indeed turning... my parents departing this life, my own children creating new family centers, a new baby born in the next generation, the inter-connectedness of everything.

The Happy Pots

The Happy Pots31" x 72"  

Leaf Arabesque

Leaf Arabesque43" x 69"   For me the pictorial space is a place to connect the naturalistic with the symbolic. Typically I use only one or two motifs, plus the spaces in between, to create what I like to call “patterned narratives.” Their stories are told not in words, but in the language of symmetry. In this work, a familiar nature shape repeats itself in a pattern of growth. A simple change in symmetry (6th vertical row from the left) yields an unexpected, vivid flowering.

Seed and the Flame

Seed and the Flame78" x 112"