Denise Oyama Miller

270 Tordo Court
Fremont, CA1
94539 US


Artist Information for Denise Oyama Miller

I look for patterns in shapes, colors, and textures, and I am drawn to high-value contrasts.  The Rialto Tree Series focuses on bare white tree trunks with no bark or pine needles playing against the dark pine forest. It was this sense of vulnerability, an ongoing effort for survival on this rugged beach in Washington that I needed to explore and convey in my fabric art.

My current art quilts are a form of collage:  layers of fabric, paper, paint, foil, threads, and ephemera.  I use surface design techniques to create the fabric and papers.  The quilting is used to create texture, enhance shapes and define lines.  It is done on either a domestic sewing machine or a mid-arm machine at a table.  I occasionally add hand stitches to my work.  Most of my quilts are finished with a facing or a zig-zag stitch.  These quilts either hang with a sleeve or are mounted on a gallery wrapped canvas for support.

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Solitude51" x 35"   Photo by Kerby Smith, photography

Rialto Tree Portrait

Rialto Tree Portrait48" x 24"   Photo by Sibila Savage, photography

Portrait of a Tree

Portrait of a Tree20" x 16"  

Plane Tree

Plane Tree48" x 24"   Photo by Sibila Savage, photography


Gingko36" x 12"