Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik

Durango, CO US


Artist Information for Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik

The passage of time - how it affects natural forms and abstract structures - serves as a catalyst in the conceptual aspect of my work. The processes I employ to alter repurposed cloth suits my nature and desire to create work that involves roaming the landscape.  Sketching, photography, searching for dye materials and textured surfaces are things I love to do outside of the studio.

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Wandering Through

Wandering Through32.5" x 47.5"   Photo by Petronella Ytsma Memories of walks and observations within various landscapes - natural and man-made, inspired this body of work. Dry raked Japanese gardens, red rock canyons of the southwest, and the internal space of a Richard Serra sculpture differ visually from one another. Yet, all are places of quiet contemplation where light and shadow merge.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found32.5" x 50"   Photo by Petronella Ytsma Within a passage surrounded by walls, it’s possible to embrace the enveloping silence with ease and become fully aware of oneself.

Below The Rim

Below The Rim20 x 28   Photo by Scott D W Smith

Once-ordered parallel lines of the red cliffs were rearranged over the course of time. Their unrefined beauty, reflects the light and change of weather.

Together / Separate

Together / Separate15 x 29   Photo by Scott D W Smith

On a quest to find the old growth trees in the forest, the neighboring cliffs became an unexpected distraction. Although the red and grey rocks may at first appear as separate elements, collinear bands of color and vertical washes of disintegrating rocks seem to merge the two in beautiful gradations.


Strata23 x 54   Photo by Scott D W Smith

Amidst the towering red sandstone monoliths and deep, walled canyons of Colorado National Monument, diverse sedimentary strata lay exposed in bands of color. Standing before such geological marvels, one can sense a prehistoric atmosphere and ponder the events that led to their formation.