Susan Bleiweiss


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Working primarily with my own hand dyed fabrics my goal is to create vibrant colorful and whimsical fiber art collages that delight the eye of the viewer and draw them in for a closer look.
Each piece I create begins in the pages of my sketchbook where I make several rough sketches of the imagery that I want to work with.  Beginning with a small sketch gives me the freedom to explore combinations of the images and colors before cutting into any fabrics.   My small sketches are enlarged into full size cartoons that allow me to adjust the scale of the images and then the actual construction of the piece in fabric begins.
I only work with professional fiber dyes using a process that uses a minimal amount of water to add color to the cloth I use in my fiber art collages.  Dyeing my own fabric allows me to maintain a consistent color palette and I really enjoy that full circle feeling of starting with plain white cloth and using it to create something that vibrates with color and makes you smile when you look at it.

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Tutti Frutti Alleyway

Tutti Frutti Alleyway33" x 45"  

it takes a village

it takes a village48" x 48"