Kathleen Kastles

Wailuku, HI



Artist Information for Kathleen Kastles

My artwork continually evolves as I explore new ways to interpret the photos I take, The opportunity to capture candid moments has been facilitated by my constant companion—my smartphone. Happily, even the out of focus photos can be manipulated in a photo app to result in a design I’m eager to paint. Recent works play with complementary colors, high contrast and saturation, and capitalize on how a viewer’s distance from the artwork can affect perception.

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Stroller22” x 29”   Photo by Xinia Productions

High contrast, an edgy composition, and saturated analogous colors imparts an air of mystery to this static image of a child in his stroller.


Heliophobia38.75” x 24”   Photo by Xinia Productions

The blistering heat of the sun is depicted with intensely saturated colors. The viewer feels its oppression, and welcomes the shady relief cool colors provide.


Lovers38.25” x 20.625”   Photo by Xinia Productions

A languid Sunday afternoon.  Nowhere to meet except in a nearly deserted Barcelona byway.  Cool colors and liquid shapes enhance a sense of unhurried relaxation yet contrast strongly with the heat of courtship.


Exhaustion27.75” x 27.25”    Photo by Xinia Productions

It's always hard for a man to accompany a woman shopping.  It's boring and takes way too long.  "Mommy, I'm too big to ride in a shopping cart!  I want to push this kid-sized cart.  Stop putting more things in, Mommy.  It's too heavy.  I wanna go home.  I'm tired!"

Yellow Hat

Yellow Hat16 3/8” x 24 1/4”   Photo by Xinia Productions

Combining a primary color scheme with high contrast and saturation lends movement to a vibrant street scene.